Camac 1000Kg Rack and Pinion Hoists

Camac 1000Kg Rack & Pinion Hoists

Camac 1000Kg Rack & Pinion Hoists









Technical Specifications

Carmac Hoists


Camac 1000Kg Rack & Pinion Hoists

  • Maximum safety and robustness.
  • Galvanized cage and columns.
  • Easy installation.
  • Electronic floor selection system.
  • Triangular mast compatible with: ECP-1000/150, EPM-1000/150 and CAMAC-2000.

The CAMAC 1000Kg Rack & Pinion Hoist / Builders Hoist can transport both personnel and materials vertically (and very quickly) up multiple floors. Manufactured according to EU regulations, under ISO 9001 quality system, the product’s correct phases of elaboration are guaranteed. It allows the mast to ascend at different speeds, this giving better control, adaptability and safety when transporting materials and personnel.

Ease & Efficiency

Designed for ease and efficiency, this hoist will ensure thath your crew will spend more time in finishing the job sooner. This hoist is robust and is constructed to carry heavy materials, with a maximum capacity of 1000kg. It also has loading and unloading ramps on either side of the hoist, thus making it easy to get the materials in and out.


An extensive range of platforms, load capacities, lifting heights, and hoisting speeds, along with the exceptional accessories, make these rack and pinion lifts flexible to use, to the point where they can be completely customised to suit your on-site conditions.

Whether the work being done is for new build projects, façade works, or renovation or remodelling, rack and pinion lifts from Hoist & Plant, such as the CAMAC 1000Kg, can meet practically every development site requirement.

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