Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish Chutes / Rubble Chutes

Rubbish Chutes (also known as Rubble Chutes) make the ideal system for transporting debris from various levels of the structure to the ground level.

A full range of chute components are available.

Top Hopper features a wide open top which acts as a guard against falling debris.

Side entry hopper sections fit into your rubbish chute system which allows workers to dispose of rubbish down the chute at different levels.


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Each section is seamless, moulded from high grade polyethylene,is 110 cm (43″) long and tapers from 50 cm (20″) to 40 cm (16″);chains and brackets are manufactured to our specification by M.O.D. approved suppliers and are all galvanised for maximum protection.

STEEL LINERS are recommended for areas of extreme wear i.e. at bends etc.

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