Available in Either 3.2 Metre, 4.4 Metre or 5.4 Metre lengths

The Shifta Conveyor is a lightweight (aluminium), portable 2 speed conveyor that makes it easy to handle a wide variety of materials effectively and efficiently.  With the Shifta you can double your performance, and get the job done faster with half the effort.  Stones, aggregate soil, concrete, chippings, rubble, screed and other materials can be moved quickly and continuously e.g. away from or towards the construction work area. The Shifta conveyor enables you to quickly transport waste materials over long distances with different inclines into skips, dumpers, trucks etc. for fast removal.

  • Lightweight construction means it can be easily manoeuvred by 1 man.
  • Any load can be transported any distance up to 45 degrees incline.
  • Available in 3.2 Metre, 4.4 Metre or 5.4 Metre lengths.
  • Different length units can be arranged in sequence at different angles to create the best route e.g. upwards, or down a slope.
  • Stackable for space saving and safe storage.
  • Deep troughed chevron belt and large hopper for bulk loading.
  • Powerful 2 speed, 110 Volt 3 phase inverted motor allows the Shifta conveyor to take on any job.
  • The compact size makes this a great conveyor for areas where space is tight e.g. basements.
  • The folding bogey allows easy setting up and folding away. To set the conveyor up simply lift the conveyor up, pull out the bogey pin and lower the bogey arm and then lower the conveyor. To make ready the unit for stacking away it’s the same process in reverse.
  • Forklift holes for even easier moving and stacking.
  • Lightweight all in one aluminium extruded body and heavy duty hopper.
  • Running speed slow 20 mtrs/min.
  • Running speed fast 28 mtrs/min.
  • Max angle 50 Deg depending on material (e.g. Stones, aggregate, soil).
  • Maximum payload 150 kg.
  • In built belt tracking and scraper (scraper front and back).
  • 5kva transformer will run four linked machines.
  • Detachable hopper.
  • 2 x mushroom emergency stop buttons, top and bottom.
  • Braked wheels.
  • Machine stand for stability and angle adjustment.

Some Examples of Uses

Can even be used to backfill a (2.4m high) retaining wall with drainage gravel. Using the conveyor at an angle of 32 degrees can deliver a constant, steady flow of drainage gravel.

Move rubble from basement renovations quickly and easily up above ground level into the back of a truck for quick and easy removal.

Move screed or concrete from ground level up to the first floor from the outside of a building.

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