Pop Up Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS) / Push Around Scissor Lifts

Pop Up Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS) / Push Around Scissor Lifts are small and robust scissor lifts that:

1. Help you to comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

2. Provide a safe low level access working solution that is more than up to the demands of daily use on site

The safety features, ease of manouvreability, ease of use and durability of the Pop Up range make them a popular choice for all manner of low access work.

Pop Ups are also such a popular choice because they are;

  • Lightweight and compact.  This makes them easy and lest costly to transport to and from a site.
  • Slimline. They pass through a standard doorway so they can be used all around a site.
  • Maintenance is easy thanks to an easy pull-out tray.

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A Choice of Platform Heights

The Pop Up Pro push around lift range has 3 models with 3 different platform heights to choose from:

  1. Pro 6 – 2m
  2. Pro 8 – 2.5m
  3. Pro 10 – 3m

Advanced Safety Features

Pop Up Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS) / Push Around Scissor Lifts don’t require stabilizers and have a number of advanced safety features including:

  • Saloon safety gates that close automatically behind you.
  • Auto anti-surf brakes.
  • Emergency lowering lever
  • A Tilt sensor with built-in isolator that only allows use on a level floor.
  • The controls mean that both hands are safely in the basket when going up or down.


Dimensions Maximum Working HeightMaximum Platform HeightPlatform Capacity (SWL)Working Foot PrintOverall WidthOverall Length

Stowed Height

Gross Weight

Pro 64.0m2.0m240kg120cm x 70cm0.75m1.2m



Pro 84.5m2.5m240kg120cm x 70cm0.75m1.2m



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PerformanceMaximum wind speedRaise/lower time




PowerPower sourceCharger

12 volt DC batteryBuilt in multi-voltage (90V – 240V)

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