Genie® Lifts – The Genie® Superlift Contractor®

Genie® Lifts like the Genie® Superlift Contractor come into their own where you need a lift that is easily operated by one person, and can be easily transported to and from the place you’re working, while still being capable of providing all the features that you would expect from a high quality, flexible lift.

Some of the reasons why the Genie® Superlift Contractor is so special include:

  • It’s well up to doing multiple construction jobs – it can lift, lower and move loads up to 650 lbs.
  • It has a strong, heavy duty design and a lightweight aluminium telescoping mast.
  • It is particularly well suited to construction jobs because it has been specially designed for the construction industry.
  • It is easy to transport to and from the site – it fits in a pick up.
  • A Hold down bar keeps the mast assembly securely in place during transport.
  • It is easily moved on and off a truck thanks to glide rails.
  • It can be set up quickly – requires no tools.
  • It can be easily adapted to any job thanks to interchangeable attachments.
  • It is easy to store away. It has fold up legs and the attachments can be removed to make more space.
  • It is has a quiet motor so it causes minimum disturbance and noise pollution on site.
  • Operation is simplifies by a 2 speed winching option and the ability to change gears on the fly.
  • Safety is improved by rear castor side brakes.
  • Floor marking is minimised thanks to non-marking front casters.

The Standard Product Features Per Model Variation Are:

For The SLC™ -12

  • 12 ft 11 in (3.94 m) maximum lifting height.
  • Up to 650 lbs (295 kg) lift capacity.


  • 18 ft 6 in (5.64 m) maximum lifting height.
  • Up to 650 lbs (295 kg) lift capacity.


  • 24 ft (7.32 m) maximum lifting height.
  • Up to 650 lbs (295 kg) lift capacity.

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