Trucks and Trolleys

Getting the right trucks or trolley for your particular job can save you time and make the process of materials handling much easier. These days there is wide variety of different trucks and trolleys available ranging from the very specialised to general purpose. You can choose from:

  • Flatbed trolleys – Great for a wide variety of jobs (also folding flatbed trolleys).
  • Platform trucks and trolleys – some with mesh or solid sides (plastic or wood).  Good, strong workhorse trucks and trolleys.
  • Turntable and balance trolleys – where manoeuvrability (sometimes in tight spaces) with heavy loads is extra important.
  • Tier Trolleys – With multiple tiers / shelves / racks, providing an organised mobile storage solution that can be adapted for use in many situations.
  • Double sided trolleys and adjustable double sided trolleys – used for handling long and flat / panel style loads e.g. doors, sheet materials and mattresses.
  • Stacking / nesting trolleys – cash and carry / baggage handling style trolleys.
  • Skip / Bin / Wheelbarrow style trolleys.
  • Mail room style trolleys.

Whether in a construction, warehouse, factory, or other working environment trucks and trolleys are practical, hard working, hard wearing essentials.

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