Web Slings

Web slings are made of surface treated polyester or nylon and are manufacture in single or multiple plies. They are generally able to lift heavy loads e.g. up to 6 tonnes. Web slings are strong, hard wearing and durable with a high breaking strain factor. Their flexibility means that they are easy to work with, adaptable to many situations, and can be easily stored when transported or when not in use. Web slings work well not just for lifting but also for pulling, towing, handling, and other situations where strength with some flexibility is required. They have reinforced eyes to aid strength on the pressure points.

The wide and flat surface, the soft web material, and their flexibility / ability to elongate means that web slings are less likely to mark or damage the items that they are lifting. This makes them particularly suitable for high value, fragile or polished loads.

They are lighter than alternatives such as chains and are therefore less of a safety hazard e.g. if dropped from a height. Web slings grip items well and are easy for riggers to handle. Web slings come with different accessories to add extra layers or protection where needed e.g. wear pads, sleeves or edge guards.

Web slings are available in a number of different configurations including:

  • “Triangle and choker” with choker hitch ends and for use in vertical and basket hitches, and “triangle and triangle” with ends suitable for basket or vertical hitches.
  • “Flat eye and eye” is a popular configuration, used on vertical, choker and basket hitches, and “twisted eye and eye” where the eyes are at a right angle to the sling thus helping the fit on the crane hook in the basket hitch.
  • “Endless” web slings have a wide number of applications and no fixed wear points, and “reversed eye” web slings have wear pads on either side and are highly durable.

Web slings require minimum maintenance because they are made from polyester and have been treated and woven to keep out moisture and grit and dirt particles that could cause wear. They are resistant to e.g. chemicals, mildew and rot, which means that they are durable.

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