Passenger and Goods Hoist / Transport Platform – FEATURED PRODUCT

Our featured product from Hoist & Plant Co Ltd this month is the Passenger and Goods Hoist / Transport Platform.

This heavy-duty hoist is the ideal way to vertically transport goods and passengers safely and effectively to and from the work area at a maximum working height of 100m.

With a generous 2000Kg 25-man passenger capacity, 3.30 m x 1.50 m x 2.3 m large cage, 3-way option loading, and a 28 m / per min lifting speed this passenger and goods hoist is a cost-effective workhorse.

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Building News Roundup – Croydon

New Development On The Site Of Matthew’s Yard

As reported by inside Croydon, it appears that the council has given local property firm Regent Land and Developments the go-ahead to demolish Matthew’s Yard off Surrey Street and build a multi-use 6,013m² development in its place called Beamhouse Yard.  The new development will include 60 flats along with an arts and music venue.

Building Delays For School

In the building news for Croydon is the disappointing announcement that pupils at Coombe Wood School in South Croydon will have to manage for another year in temporary buildings due to building delays. Also, at a recent council meeting, it was reported that the CEO of the Folio Trust (which runs the school) would like a toucan crossing to be installed to ensure pupil safety before the permanent school is completed.

Old Royal Mail Building Purchased by Network Rail

There was also news last week that, as part of its plans to address the London-Brighton railway bottleneck at Croydon, Network Rail has bought the old Royal Mail depot and VW sites next to Croydon Station.  This will enable new platforms and new railway flyovers to be built.

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