Slings, buckets and barrow chains

These are useful and popular lifting accessories.

Pallet trucks

These trucks are a compact, strong and manoeuvrable lifting / materials handling solution. Choose from manual, powered and powered ride-on pallet trucks.

2000 Kg goods hoists

These hoists can be used to lift goods (or 25 passengers).

Hydraulic jacks

Choose from a variety of hydraulic jacks including bootle, trolley and toe jacks.

Genie® Lifts

These can lift, lower and move loads up to 650 lbs.

Equipment hoists

Choose from a wide range of equipment hoists including Maber, Camac and Geda hoists.

Tirfor® winches / hoists by Tractel

These are very powerful and flexible winching tools and allow you to lift loads over distance using a manually operate winch, strong maxiflex wire rope, and a very powerful mechanism.

Engine cranes

These are ideal for lifting and moving vehicle engines or for lifting and moving heavy machinery e.g. in engineering / mechanical assembly work.

Scaffold and gantry hoists

The range includes 100 Kg, 150 Kg, 200 Kg and 500Kg hoists.

Web slings

Web slings are strong and flexible, and can lift weights up to 6 tonnes. They are adaptable and therefore can be used in many different situations.

Wire rope slings

These are strong and flexible metal rope slings used by riggers.

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