Croydon Fairfield Halls Building Work – Completed This Year

Croydon’s most famous music venue, Fairfield Halls, closed back in July 2016 and after some major construction work and a £30 million redevelopment project, reports indicate that it’s likely to re-open as a spectacular Arts Centre at the end of this year.


Fairfield Halls was built on a site that hosted a popular fair up until 1860, hence the name of the building.  Fairfield Halls opened in 1962 and had a gallery, theatre and concert hall. It was also used by the BBC to record concerts, and it was used by the community and schools.

The Re-Development of Fairfield Halls

The Fairfield Halls re-development should create a top-class entertainment venue that’s not only at the heart of the town centre, and what is being called the new ‘cultural quarter’.  The cultural and educational quarter (£5.25bn) regeneration programme for East Croydon will have Fairfield Halls at its heart and the idea is to make the area more vibrant and dynamic, to provide a facility with multiple uses, and to create a high-quality public space that provides opportunities for creative expression.