Construction Work Started on Croydon Primary School

At the end of December, building work began on a new, and permanent Primary School for Croydon at Thornton Heath. Paxton Academy has been managing with temporary portable buildings as classrooms for several years now, so it’s good news that the children will have a permanent, modern building to go to.

Reports indicate that the new school building should be ready towards the end of next year. This will mean nice, warm classrooms for the winter.  According to the local paper, McAvoy group will be building it, and, as well as classrooms, the new academy building will feature a multi-use games area sports deck, and even playground area on the roof of the building.

Steel-Framed Modules

Reports indicate that the building will be four storeys high, and the framework for it will be made up of over 100 steel-framed ‘modules’ that will be made in Northern Ireland and then delivered to the site in Spring next year.

Modular Steel Units For School Building In Romford

Presumably, the modular steel units being built for Paxton Academy at Thornton Heath will be along similar lines to the ones craned into place at the Concordia Academy in Romford in November 2017. Those units were manufactured off-site by McAvoy too, and once the 67 units were delivered, it only took 12 days to put the whole school together!  It’s amazing what can be achieved in the construction sector today.